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Dell Inspiron G3 3579 3779 G5 5587 G7 7588 33YDH Battery

Dell Inspiron G3 3579 3779 G5 5587 G7 7588 33YDH Battery
Dell Inspiron G3 3579 3779 G5 5587 G7 7588 33YDH Battery
Dell Inspiron G3 3579 3779 G5 5587 G7 7588 33YDH Battery
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Dell Inspiron G3 3579 3779 G5 5587 G7 7588 33YDH Battery
Dell Inspiron G3 3579 3779 G5 5587 G7 7588 33YDH Battery
Dell Inspiron G3 3579 3779 G5 5587 G7 7588 33YDH Battery
Dell Inspiron G3 3579 3779 G5 5587 G7 7588 33YDH Battery
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Battery Information
Battery rating15.2V
Battery capacity3500mAh (56Wh)
Battery cells4-cell
Typerechargeable Li-ion battery
Battery colorblack
Policyuses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.

The Dell 33YDH Battery(56Wh 15.2V) is made of high-quality lithium-ion battery cells, which has been tested to be brand new and totally compatible with the original Dell 33YDH manufacturer specifications, meets or even exceeds the original battery performance. With high-quality battery cells and materials, your laptop will run longer and more secure. Moreover, this battery has no "memory effect" and you don’t need to discharge before each charge.

How to find the correct product

When purchasing a Dell 33YDH battery for your device, compatibility is the most important factor. In order for our products to work on your device, it must be compatible. offers more than 100,000 compatible models and part numbers for your devices. Before purchasing our products, please follow our tips below to find the right product for your device.

To confirm compatibility, you should verify the physical appearance, part number, position and orientation of the connector and the latch position of your original battery with the product information shown on our website.

Please ensure the Dell 33YDH battery that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device. If you have any questions, please contact us

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Compatible Models: G3 15, G3 15 3579, G3 17 3779, G3-3579(i5-8300h), G5 15 5587, G5 5587-d1545b, G5 5587-d1745b, G5 5587-d1745r, G5 5587-d1765b, G5 5587-d1765r, G5 5587-d1865b, G5 5587-d2545b, G5 5587-d2545r, G5 5587-d2565b, G5 5587-d2565r, G5 5587-d2645b, G5 5587-d2645r, G5 5587-d2745b, G5 5587-d2745r, G5 5587-d2765b, G5 5587-d2765r, G7 7588, G7 7588-d1545b, G7 7588-d1545w, G7 7588-d1565b, G7 7588-d1565w, G7 7588-d1745b, G7 7588-d1745w, G7 7588-d1765b, G7 7588-d1765w, G7 7588-d1865w, G7 7588-d1965w, G7 7588-d2545b, G7 7588-d2545w, G7 7588-d2565b, G7 7588-d2565w, G7 7588-d2745b, G7 7588-d2745w, G7 7588-d2765b, G7 7588-d2765w, G7 7588-d2865b, G7 7588-d2865w, G7 7588-d2965w, G7 7588-d2965w0, G7 7588-d4745w, G7 7588-d4765w, Ins 15-5580-d2525l, Ins 15-7577-d1645b, Ins 15-7577-d1665b, Ins 15-7577-d1745b, Ins 15-7577-d1745r, Ins 15-7577-d1765b, Ins 15-7577-d1865b, Ins 15-7577-d2765b, Ins 15gd-1765l, Ins 15pd-1745w, Ins 15pd-1762bl, Ins 15pd-1762w, Ins 15pd-1763w, Ins 15pd-1765bl, Ins 15pd-1845bl, Ins 15pd-1863bl, Ins 15pd-1863w, Ins 15pd-1865w, Ins 15pd-1868br, Ins 15pd-7545br, Ins 15pd-7565br, Ins 15pd-7645br, Ins 15pd-7745br, Ins 15pd-7749br, Ins 15pd-7765br, Ins 15pd-8545br, Ins 15pd-8645br, Ins 15pd-8745br, Ins 15pd-8765br, Ins 15pd-9645br, Ins 15pd-9745br, Ins 15pd-9765br, Ins 15pr-6545b, Ins 15pr-6745b, Ins 17pd-1745b, Ins 17pd-1765b, Ins 17pd-1865b, Ins 17pd-2765b, Ins 17pd-2865b, Ins g3 3579-d2645bl, Ins g3 3579-r1545bl, Ins g3 3579-r1745bl, Inspiron 15 7577, Inspiron 15 7588, Inspiron 15-7577, Inspiron 17 7773, Inspiron 17 7778, Inspiron 17 7778 2-in-1, Inspiron 17 7779, Inspiron 17 7779 2-in-1, Inspiron 17 7786 2-in-1, Inspiron 17(7778), Inspiron 17-7778, Inspiron 17-7779, Inspiron 17-7786, Inspiron 7577, Inspiron 7778, Inspiron 7779, Inspiron g5 15-5587, Inspiron g7 7588, Latitude 14 3400, Latitude 15 3580, Latitude 15 3590, Latitude 3400, Latitude 3490, Latitude 3500, N005l3490-d1316cn, N006l3400-d1316cn, N010l3490-d1566cn, N010l3500-d1316cn, N015l3400-d1536cn, N016l3490-d1526cn, N021l3400-d1556cn, N025l3490-d1766fcn, N026l3400-d1756cn, N031l3500-d1586cn, N032l3490-d1556cn, N032l3500-d1756cn, N038l3490-d1516cn, N041l3490-d1756cn, N064l3490-d1586cn, Vostro 15 7570, Vostro 15 7580, Vostro 15-7570-d1545s, Vostro 15-7570-d1645s, Vostro 15-7570-d1745s, Vostro 15-7570-d2645s, Vostro 15-7570-d2665s, Vostro 15-7570-d2765s, Vostro 15-7580-d1545s, Vostro 15-7580-d1645s, Vostro 15-7580-d1665s, Vostro 15-7580-d1745s, Vostro 15-7580-d2765s, Vostro 15-7580-d3745s, Vostro 15-7580-d3765s
Compatible Part Numbers: 07FHHV, 33YDH, 7FHHV, P30E, P30E001, P72F, P72F001, P72F002, PVHT1

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