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01 Jun How to Care for Your Silk Shirt: The Ultimate Guide
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It’s easy to forget about the little things in life, but those little things often lead to big things. For example, did you know that how you care for..
30 May 8 Ways To Choose The Perfect Silk Dress
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If you’ve ever attended a special event or have seen pictures of high-profile events, you might have noticed that most women attending these gathering..
27 May Why Buying a Silk T-shirt Might Be The Best Decision You Make This Year
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We’re all guilty of spending too much money on clothing that we don’t even wear. With countless fast fashion stores, trends, and low prices, it’s easy..
23 May 7 Common Mistakes When Buying A Silk Bra
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Who doesn’t love that perfect little piece of lingerie? A bra can make or break your outfit and is often the essential part of our outfit. However, fi..
18 May Why choose a silk dress?
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Silk dresses are a fashion item that can be a versatile choice and something that you can truly enjoy in a wide range of events. They come in differen..
17 May Health benefits of a Silk Bra
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If you are weighing the idea of buying a luxury bra for your health and comfort, one of the materials that you should consider for your next bra is si..
16 May How to care for a Silk Shirt?
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If you are interested in buying a silk shirt or you would like to know how to care for the silk shirt you already have, read on. In this article, we a..
13 May Silk Clothes and their history
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Silk clothing has an extensive history as a textile and as a quality luxury fashion item. There are many people that would choose silk clothing over a..
01 May Top Reasons to buy a Silk T-shirt
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Many style experts today would suggest that in order to get the most out of your wardrobe, you should own at least one silk shirt. Silk T-shirts are a..
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